Hand Washing and Drying Top Defense Against the Spread of Germs.


Excel Dryer’s Hygiene Case Study

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Hand Washing 101

Excel Dryer, Inc. wants our distributors and end users to be confident in the safety and health benefits of warm air hand and hair dryers. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and assured that our products are both reliable and hygienic.

According to the CDC and WHO, the best defense against the spread of germs and viruses is proper hand hygiene – thoroughly washing and completely drying hands. Click below to learn about how Excel Hand Dryers contribute to this hygienic hand drying solution.

Handwashing is like a “do-it-yourself” vaccine—it involves five simple and effective steps (Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse, Dry) you can take to reduce the spread of diarrheal and respiratory illness so you can stay healthy.

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Hand Dryer Location Influences Hand Washing

Excel Dryer’s product line utilizes touch-free technology. Automatic activation promotes hand hygiene by permitting hand drying without the risk of cross-contamination by touching push-buttons that others may have touched with soiled hands.

Hand dryers are known to have hygienic benefits and be much more sanitary than other techniques of hand drying.

Excel Dryer recommends installing hand dryers in close proximity to sinks to make them as accessible as possible and encourage hand washing.

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A Mayo Clinic Study

This study conducted by a worldwide leader in medical care, research and education concluded there are “no statistically significant differences in the efficiency of four different hand-drying methods for removing bacteria from washed hands.”

A Laval University Study

This study demonstrated that bacteria can be isolated from unused paper towels and that they may be transferred to individuals after handwashing. This may have implications in some industrial and clinical settings as well as in individuals with compromised immune systems.

A Microchem Lab Study

The results of this study indicate that the method of drying does not significantly affect bacteria levels on hands.

Mayo Clinic

Laval University Lab Study

Microchem Lab Study

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Watch Case Study

Watch Case Study

Seabury Senior Living

Hygiene is important in Senior living facilities and XLERATOR Hand Dryers are a hygienic solution thanks to the hands-free approach which prevents the spread of illness.

Longmeadow High School

“Our facility managers are thankful they’re not cleaning up a paper towel mess every night.”

Grand Central Terminal

The XLERATOR Hand Dryer’s sensor-activated technology reduces touch points and significantly improves hand hygiene for 750,000 daily visitors.


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